Preparing your donkey hike

Some advice for your baggage

  • If you will be camping, you’ll be taking an electric enclosure (that we provide) with you. It’s very practical for penning your donkey(s) at night: it weighs only 3Kg (just over 6½ lbs.) and runs on batteries.

Therefore, you should pack 6 round 1 v 5 (R 20 type) batteries.

  • Make sure that your baggage doesn’t exceed 40 kg (6 stone/88 lbs.) per donkey, and bring some 80-litre (20-gallon) garbage bags. We will lend you special saddle bags to use to load your things onto the packsaddle. You’ll put your things inside them when you get here.

In addition to the weight (40 kg (6 stone/88 lbs.) per donkey maximum), think about the volume, too. Your kit should be as compact as possible. I will provide you with a pocket scale so that you can re-evaluate the load during your hike.  

  • Here are some things to avoid in order to keep your kit as light and compact as possible:

Avoid Tetra Paks” of UHT milk. Pack powdered milk or tubes of condensed milk instead.

Avoid large cardboard boxes and half empty packages (like breakfast cereal).

Choose quick-cooking rice or noodles, with small tins or packs of concentrated sauce or bouillon cubes, rather than canned prepared food.

Take the bare minimum of pots and pans. A pot can double up as a wash basin, for example.  

Toiletries: Take travel-sized rather than standard-sized bottles. Put a bar of soap in a plastic bag rather than a rigid box. If you’re hiking with a group don’t double up: shampoo, toothpaste, etc. can be shared!

If you’d like your child to be able to ride on the donkey’s back sometimes for a rest, plan to have the baggage on top of the donkey’ saddle be a rucksack. That way, you can take it off and carry it on your own back to make room for the child.


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