The Upper Campground

Bamboul’âne Farm Campground

At an altitude of 1,000 metres (almost 3,300 feet), surrounded by our donkeys, in a stunning and exceptionally calm site, plant your tent and share your evenings by the campfire in a spot that’s almost like camping rough.

Bamboul'âne Farm Campground is divided into two parts.

The upper part is meant for people without children or families with children aged 8 and up. Located at the upper end of the village, it can be reached by a small road then a short trail that can not be driven on in the rain.

It’s a former kitchen garden, with a stream running along one edge, shaded by a few big pear and lime trees.

I wanted to preserve the spot’s untamed, natural feel.

So no heavy equipment that would have damaged the grounds or the plants was used.  

The amenities are rudimentary but practical and pleasant. There’s no electricity, but an exceptional view of the night sky.

Spring water, solar-heated showers thanks to black shower-water bags, and composting toilets.

Access to the conventional loos in the lower campground is through the donkey corral.

The Bunga-yurt is located in this part of the campground.

Bamboul'âne Farm Campground is part of the

Accueil Paysan” (Farmer’s Welcome) network

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