Bonding Stay

Donkey Bonding Stay

3-day minimum.

While you stay at the Bamboul'âne farm camping in your own tent, the Bunga-Yurt or the Syl-van, ou rent a donkey who will be “yours” for your whole stay. A special way to get to know this gentle friend and have a chance to really bond with the animal.

To get started, I’ll spend some time with you, showing you how to care for your donkey: catching it in its corral, brushing it, putting the pack saddle on, and more. I’ll describe all the trails and hikes nearby (there are short ones and long ones, easy ones and more demanding ones). After that, you can take your donkey out whenever you please, for a hike, for some petting, to go shopping at the organic food co-op in the village… That way you can bond with the animal without having to deal with the whole saddling process!



This formula is especially good for families with young children. It allows you to “test the waters,” before you head out on a longer adventure with a donkey.

You’ll be completely autonomous, with maps, trail guides, material and the donkey, while still being able to count on me to answer your questions, offer advice, or give you a refresher course on donkey care any time you’d like.

In addition, as soon as you’re comfortable with your donkey, Mélisse, my goat, can join you for a stroll if you’d like.

A wonderful holiday that allows you and your children to get closer to nature and animals!

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